Dallape Supermaestro Electric Accordion (Indianapolis, IN)


The Dallape Supermaestro is a luxurious, italian made masterpiece. With its’ dual chamber functionality, tone and volume control over both chambers, 120 bass keys, 41 piano keys, and 15 different tones, you can fully explore musicality at its’ finest and sharpest levels. Truly captivate your audience with the Supermaestro. This Dallape Supermaestro Electric accordion is in good condition with some slight wear from use. It has a crack in the outer shell, however that does not affect the phenomenal sound quality or playability whatsoever.
Double Tone Chamber
Volume and Tone control for both chambers
41 Piano Keys
120 Bass Buttons
15 Sounds
  • Unknown
  • Dallape Supermaestro Electric


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Dallape Supermaestro Electric Accordion (Indianapolis, IN)