Guild Amp Model G-1000 – Rare 90s Stool Design Stereo Guitar Amp


Offering in this listing is an early 90s combo amp by Guild, the G-1000 model.

The unit at hand is in very good condition throughout, it has been tested before being listed receiving a clean bill of health, and the seat cushion underneath the original vinyl cover had been replaced to provide good seating comfort as designed.

It can roll around on its 5 caster or can sit on the 5rubber pads when the casters are removed. Comes with the original storage container that is well cushioned inside to protect the amp, as it did in the past.

Around 1992 or so, Guild introduced the Timberline series of acoustic guitar amplifiers and only made them for a couple of years.

Named after various trees and all but one made out of luxurious solid oak, these amps are quite eye-catching in the same way that hardwood encased cane-grill Mesa Boogies are. These are very classy looking amps and comments on various guitar forums often include statements like “this is the prettiest amp I’ve ever seen.” Well, maybe that’s not often said about the footstool shaped G1000 offered in this listing.

What looks like a (foot) stool with a nice padded seat was designed for the guitarist to sit on while playing, which is actually a really neat idea. If you’ve ever played in a small coffee shop then you know how little space you get to set up, and being able to sit on your amp in style with a cushioned seat to boot seems like damn clever engineering idea. Sadly the fact that it looks somewhat goofy might have kept this from being a big win for Guild, but it is without doubt a very unique piece of gear and rare at that due to the limited production time.

This amp puts out a combined 90 Watts, but instead of being just stereo like the others, this one actually processes it as 30W + 30W + 30W whereas the first two channels are powering four 6″ speakers and the third channel is dedicated to a 10″ cross-over woofer for a very well balanced sound output.

The amp accommodates both passive and active instruments and allows hookup of a microphone on a 2nd chanel. Both channels, guitar and microphone have their own line in level controls.

An effects loop is supported, and even a DI output is present with output level control. The tone controls on this amp are passive while the graphical EQ is active, it features a chorus circuit to add ambiente. A simple footswitch can be plugged in to switch on and off the chorus, but a footswitch is not included in the package offered here.

  • Guild
  • Thunderbass Head
Made In
  • United States


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Guild Amp Model G-1000 – Rare 90s Stool Design Stereo Guitar Amp