HISTORY HBA-Advanced 4ST VSB [SN K221014] 0.66666666666667


Advanced Series Jazz Bass type model with the solid construction that can only be achieved in Japan.
Body is Alder with curly maple, neck is maple, fingerboard is rosewood, pegs and bridge are made by GOTOH, and it is equipped with passive/active switchable controls.

There are some scratches on the pickguard, some scuffs on the body, and some metal parts are dull.
There are other scuffs and scratches, but the condition is good.
Neck condition: Good
Truss Rod: Tighten/Loosen direction has room.
Fret length: 70-80%.
Country of manufacture: Japan
Case: Soft case (gig case) / Genuine
Accessories: None
Item rank: B+: Some scratches, but no problem in normal use.
Serial number: K221014
Weight: 4.18kg

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  • HBA-Advanced 4ST VSB [SN K221014]
  • 4.18Kg


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HISTORY HBA-Advanced 4ST VSB [SN K221014] 0.66666666666667