Markbass Mini CMD 151P IV 1×15 300W Bass Combo Amplifier Black


Markbass-guitars Mini CMD 151P IV 1×15 300W bass-guitars Combo Amplifier Black – The Markbass-guitars Mini CMD 151P IV is a great-sounding and super compact 1×15″ combo, sending out 300-watts of power through single custom neodymium speaker piezo tweeter. Highly portable astoundingly loud for its size, this combo gets even louder when connected to an extension cabinet, most effectively the New York 151. Little Mark Combo head features innovative bi-band limiter, Mute switch 3-way that includes options Flat, Scooped or FSW. Warm, True-to-the-Source SoundThis combo’s 15″ gives nice low-mid emphasis well suited blues, roots music, old rock roll more. speakers used sound big, dumb lacking definition, but clarity 15s very impressive compared other speakers, tweeter adds some high-end sparkle up 18kHz.  Updated 4-Band EQ, Old School Filter, 3-Way SwitchThe updated 4-band EQ section effective controls allowing you easily find want, boosting cutting 16dB each four bands cover all tonal nuances needed in any genre music. Additionally, filter cuts your high frequencies round smooth tone. 3 way rotary-switch allows choose between super-balanced flat tone, scooped preset drops mids while lows highs—giving superb slap sound, lastly “FSW” option control both mute on demand by connecting optional dual footswitch.Bi-Band LimiterThe limiter responds faster more dynamically playing than traditional limiters do lets end “breathe” natural sound. It makes amp great choice anyone who enjoys quick, punchy attack at volumes.Compact Size LightweightThe takes little real estate stage, easy transport around town, yet it volume need gigs. also upgrades 500W rig with addition 151 cabinet.Bi-Band LimiterFootswitch (optional): Flat/Scooped-MidOutput power: RMS @ 4 ohms, 300W 8 ohmsPower requirement: 100V, 120V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz amps, Amplifiers, bass-guitars Amplifiers, bass-guitars Combo Amplifiers, Solid State Combo bass-guitars Amplifiers
  • Markbass
  • MBC105019 Mini CMD 151P 300/500-Watt 1×15″ Bass Combo
  • 2023


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Markbass Mini CMD 151P IV 1×15 300W Bass Combo Amplifier Black