Vox Continental 1960s – Black / Orange



This is a nearly original Vox Continental combo organ. I bought it last year with the intention of restoring it to a stage playable condition. As it sits now, it powers on and plays with minor problems. Some of the key contacts need to be replaced and because of this some of the stops don’t sound when certain keys are depressed. The key contacts are $5 a piece and are easily available online, I just don’t have the time to work on it myself. The wiring harness has been extended to make service significantly easier so it should be a challenging job. There is minor cosmetic damage, but most of it could be solved by applying a new vinyl cover.

  • Vox
  • Continental
  • Black / Orange
  • 1960s
Number of Keys
  • 49 Keys


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Vox Continental 1960s – Black / Orange