Yamaha YAS-875EXII Custom Series Alto Saxophone Regular Black Lacquer


This item was returned in great condition. It looks and plays like new, with only minor signs of use (slight scuffs, etc.).
The YAS-875EXII Custom Series Alto Saxophone from Yamaha represents the pinnacle of saxophone design and performance. In the decades since their introduction, Yamaha’s flagship Custom EX saxophones have assumed their rightful place in the pantheon of top-tier professional instruments. Building on the success of its predecessor, the YAS-875EXII alto saxophone was developed in collaboration with esteemed pro saxophonists and incorporates a series of evolutionary changes that add up to a significant advancement in saxophone design. The YAS-875EXII has everything you would expect from a professional saxophone, including a 1-piece bell, hand engraving, mother-of-pearl key touches, and of course, a high F# key. Yamaha has optimized the key layout ergonomics for confident fingering and dexterous technique. They’ve also updated the size and placement of the toneholes, which ensures superior intonation, improves low-register response, and promotes consistent resistance throughout the entire range of the instrument. These and other enhancements give you full artistic freedom in a saxophone that faithfully delivers your musical message with an opulent, refined, and richly expressive voice. And thanks to Yamaha’s high-quality Japanese manufacturing and quality control, you can be assured that your YAS-875EXII Custom EX will go the distance throughout your career and expedite your growth as an artist.

Handcrafted One-Piece Bell
The YAS-875EXII features a hand-engraved one-piece bell that produces a rich, complex tone and quick response. The one-piece design and tapered bracing provide more vibration for a full, resonant sound. The hand engraving is a mark of the highest quality and artisanship.

Redesigned Toneholes and Keywork
Yamaha redesigned the toneholes and keywork on the YAS-875EXII for unparalleled intonation and playability. The toneholes have been tapered for accurate pitch and tonal control. The keywork has been optimized for faster key action with adjustable palm keys and a needle spring mechanism. The front F and high F# keys provide a full range of notes.

Premium Materials and Construction
From the blue steel springs and premium leather pads to the abalone key touches, the YAS-875EXII is built from top-quality, durable materials. The pads provide an airtight seal for consistent tone and pitch. The key touches are not only beautiful but also durable and tactile. This high-caliber construction ensures that the YAS-875EXII will provide a lifetime of peak performance.

Included Accessories
The YAS-875EXII comes with a case, mouthpiece, ligature, and care products to keep your saxophone in pristine condition. The included case is durable and padded to protect your investment during transport and storage.

  • Yamaha
  • YAS-875EXIIB Custom EX Alto Saxophone
  • Black Lacquer


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Yamaha YAS-875EXII Custom Series Alto Saxophone Regular Black Lacquer