Behringer Powerplay P16 System


For sale is a complete Behringer P16 cue mixer system.

It includes EVERYTHING pictured:

  • 4x P16-M
  • 1x P16-I
  • 1x P16-D
  • 4x mounting brackets for the P16-Ms
  • 4x 15′ ethernet cables for the P16-Ms
  • 2x IEC cables (I forgot one in the picture, but the shipment will include 2 cables)

This system is good for anyone who needs a personal mixer system but doesn’t own an X-series Behringer mixer to connect to the P16-Ms… that’s where the P16-I comes in handy to convert your analog/ADAT inputs to Behringer’s Ultranet format.

The last two pictures detail some notable blemishes that do not affect performance. One P16-M has a crooked “Mid” knob and another P16-M has some heavy scratches… but that’s where the label tape goes anyway so who cares about that 🙂

I’d prefer to keep this system all in one listing, but if you’d like to purchase this with or without the P16-I, shoot me a message and we can work something out.

  • Behringer
  • Powerplay 16 P16-I 16-Channel Input Module


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Behringer Powerplay P16 System