Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrassi Organus – RARE!


A Very rare early Ciat-Lonbarde instrument!

The Sidrassi Organus is the first version of what would later become the Sidrazzi, and later the Sidrax. Very few of these were made. I purchased this one directly from Peter Blasser in 2006. Works great, and except for a few scrapes on the bottom plexi panel, pretty much in the same condition as when it first arrived. It has some rough edges as seen in the pic, but that was the style of Peter’s synths at the time, made mostly from found and recycled materials, even the pink drop of paint on the center barre is original! I replaced the original small knobs for pitch and waveshape/noise with larger vintage arrow knobs, which makes adjusting them with your thumbs while playing much easier. Additionally I have mapped out and labeled all of the inputs and outputs on the patchbay, which can be useful for figuring out new patches, and I also have mapped out the barres and tuning buttons and will include a sheet with all of that information with the instrument. The patch bay labels are laser printed stickers and can be easily removed if desired. Also includes power supply.

Peter Blasser’s original description:

The Sidrassi Organus has seven pressure sensitive bars, which you press to express the seven tones within. Use the buttons on the front to scroll through tunings, which then remain set to what you chose. There is a master pitch knob, as well as a master chaos knob. There are 42 nodes to touch or weave with wire, making weird and unique tone and gesture combinations. Press a bar, its sound goes left, release it, its sound goes right; it has a stereo influence. The Sidrassi is an Organ, designed to reflect the glory of god with pure triangular voices. But it also allows exploration of the Devils’ Tone, which is irrational pitch relationships achieved through analog modulations. The instrument runs on transformer (“wall-wart”). The standard model uses wooden bars, but please inquire for other possibilities.

Inside the circuit board, there are six nodes associated with each bar:

-oscillator glitch left in
-oscillator glitch right in
-fm modulation in
-essential tone out
-bar pressure transfer out
-bar releasal transfer out

  • Ciat-Lonbarde
  • Sidrassi Organus
  • wood
  • 2006
Made In
  • United States


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Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrassi Organus – RARE!