dbx 165 1980’s – Black


For sale is my dbx 165 Over Easy Compressor/ Limiter that is in perfectly good working order .

This has been in my home rack for many years and has been kept clean and in a non-smoking environment for over 15 years . The handful of electrolytic capacitors and the power supply filtering caps have all been replaced recently and this also comes with the original owners manual . The unit is clean and works, sounds just as it should.

This will be packed and boxed up with extreme care .

Features / Specifications

  • Power switch (with LED indicator)
  • Stereo coupler (with slave LED indicator). Each 165 is equipped with matched rms detectors for stereo-strapping operation without the signal-summing errors of conventional strapped compressors.
  • Compression ratio: continuously variable, 1:1 – 20:1 and infinity
  • Release: continuously variable, 4k to 10 db/sec
  • Attack: continuously variable, 400 – 1 db/msec
  • In manual mode, variable attack and release rates allow the 165A to be used as an ultra-fast or slower rms-detecting limiter.
  • Auto attack/release (with LED indicator). In automatic mode, compressor attack and release times are determined by program material dynamics.
  • Meter switching: input, output, gain change. Analog rms meter is switchable to read input or output levels or the amount of gain reduction over a 30dB range.
  • System bypass
  • Output gain: continuously variable, -20 to + 20dB
  • Meter adjustment screw.
  • Active balanced input for hum and RF rejection.
  • 24dBv input/output capabilities
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.5 dB
  • THD: 0.2%, maximum compression, 1 kHz, 0 dBV
  • Noise: – 90 dBV
  • Maximum Input: + 24 dBV
  • Maximum Output: + 23 dBV
  • Input Impedance: 22k ohm differential, 11k ohm unbalanced
  • Output Impedance: Low single ended, for driving 600 ohm or greater
  • Gain: – 20 to + 20 dB
  • Threshold Range: – 40 to + 20 dBV (Compressor), – 2 to + 24 dBV (PeakStop)
  • Maximum Compression: Greater than 60 dB


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dbx 165 1980’s – Black