Hand Made K-4 style Mandocello


Custom made Mandocello in the style of a Gibson K4

I have been collecting, building and repairing instruments for longer than anyone should be allowed. During the course of this, I desired to accumulate an original Gibson mandolin orchestra from the 1920s (and thereabouts). In 2019, I had the opportunity to put on an exhibition, and the orchestra was to be the centerpiece. I had a complete set, except for the K4 mandocello. Panic! I commissioned a replica from a highly skilled workshop I have worked with in China. These are folks who can rival any custom makers, but they have the stigma of being in China. Unfair.

There is no makers label nor other markings.

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to acquire an original Gibson K4. (5 figures. I could have bought a car.) But I needed it for my orchestra. Therefore, this instrument is now surplus, and you can acquire this splendid reproduction.

This instrument is in a word fabulous. It is beautifully made of aged wood. Very exact with wonderful finishing. It has a big baritone voice that is the plucked version of the cello. The action is wonderful. It plays silky smooth anywhere on the neck.

The mandocello is a guitar sized instrument tuned 1 octave plus 1 fifth below the mandolin (and violin). That is the same as cello. Tuned in 5ths, it is easily playable by anyone who understands mandolin, violin, viola, or cello. It can be re-tuned in fourths, making it second nature to any bassist.

I don’t want to verbalize too much about this wonderful instrument. Hopefully, the photos tell the story. It was built in 2019 for the exhibition. It has been strummed on a few times, but otherwise as new. I will answer any and all questions.

  • Custom
  • Mandocello
  • original
  • 2019
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  • China


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Hand Made K-4 style Mandocello