John Hardy M-1 Microphone Preamplifier 4 channel


The was used only in a non smoking studio, there are a few scratches and some labels but nothing affects the performance of the unit.
This is a full 4 channel unit!

I have attached a video demonstrating its function. Please make sure this is the item you want before purchasing. I will insure the shipping for the purchase price.

Here is a description from the Hardy website:
The M-1 Mic Preamp is among the finest mic preamps in the world. It provides the accuracy and transparency that is missing in other mic preamps. No matter what your application, the M-1 will provide superior sound quality. The world’s best input transformer (Jensen JT-16-B), best op-amp (990 discrete op-amp) and the elimination of all capacitors from the signal path combine to provide the highest performance.

The M-1 has a 19″ wide mainframe rack-mount chassis (1.75″H x 19″W x 8″D) and can be ordered with 1 to 4 channels. There are two meter options and the best Jensen output transformer (JT-11-BMQ) is also available as an option. Additional channels and options can be easily added later up to the total capacity of the mainframe.

The M-1 was introduced in 1987 and while sonically identical to the M-2 there are a few control differences. The M-1 has a two-section gain-pot providing continuously variable adjustment in two overlapping ranges that are selected by the “HIGH GAIN” switch. (The M-2 has a 16 position gain-switch with 1% metal-film resistors providing accurate and repeatable gain settings. Since the “HIGH GAIN” switch isn’t necessary, the M-2 is available with either a “20 OHM MIC” switch OR a “20dB PAD” switch).

Standard Features:

• Dual Range Gain Control And ‘High Gain’ Switch. Provides great feel and resolution for easy and accurate adjustments.

• Polarity Reverse Switch.

• Phantom Power Switch.

• All Front Panel Switches Are LED Illuminated.

• Gold Plated XLR Connectors for maximum reliability.

• Ground Lift Switch On Each Channel. Helpful for eliminating ground loops.

• Toroidal Power Transformer With Additional Shielding. Eliminates hum problems so no external power supply is needed.

• Universal Power Supply. Internal switch provides six primary voltage choices to accommodate use anywhere in the world.

• Chassis Ground Isolation Switch. Helpful for eliminating ground loops.

  • Hardy
  • M-1
  • Black
  • 1980-90s
Made In
  • United States


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John Hardy M-1 Microphone Preamplifier 4 channel