Marshall JCM25/50 2553 Silver Jubilee Full Stack


Marshal Silver Jubilee 2553 Full Stack

What can I say? Another great 80’s throwback played by legends.

This whole package is in excellent shape and sounds massive. All original with the excption of the power tubes. No rips or tears in the tolex or the grill cloth. This is the small box version of the 25/50 watt selectable wattage. Regarded as one of the best Marshalls ever made. If you are looking at this listing you probably know all the specs and details, but I will list them anyway.

What better way to make history than to play a guitar amplifier that has been used, almost exclusively, with guitar legends like Slash, Joe Bonnamassa, & John Frusciante? Let’s take a look at our Marshall Silver Jubilee 25/50 2553 head; proof that not all that glitters is gold…sometimes it’s silver.

The Marshall Silver Jubilee series was introduced in 1987, to commemorate both their 25th year in the amplifier game and their 50th year in the music industry. These limited edition, valve amplifiers were heavily based on the Marshall 2203 & 2204 master volume models and the Marshall JCM 800s but were designed with their own unique features. Besides the illustrious silver vinyl and chrome-plated controls, these babies have a valve output stage that you can be set to either 25 or 50 watts (you see what they did there?!) to get real output-valve distortion at lower volumes, a great effects loop, and they have a preamp circuit that houses three gain modes.  The Input Gain pot varies the amount of gain in each mode; if you set this low you get a clean tone, you may find that it is too low when you switch to a lead tone. No prob Bob, pull on that knob and you’ve switched into the second gain mode called the Rhythm Clip, which gives you a distorted sound. Mode 3, the Lead Channel, can be switched to via footswitch or by pulling the Output Master knob. Marshall placed a Lead Master control knob as well to balance the volume of the Clean, or Rhythm Clip, with the Lead volume.

The two matching cabs are loaded with UK Celestion Vintage 30speakers. Regarded as on of the best speakers to come out of the 80’s UK production

  • Marshall
  • JCM25/50 2553 Silver Jubilee Head
  • Silver
  • 1987
Made In
  • United Kingdom
  • Tube
  • None


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Marshall JCM25/50 2553 Silver Jubilee Full Stack