Monome Norns Clone + Grids 128 2021 – Silver + Black


Great condition Monome norns clone and grids 128. Comes with a few USB cables and power supply. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

norns is many sound instruments. it is a small, portable, open-source sound computer that dynamically runs scripts and DSP, such as:

  • sample-cutter
  • polysynth
  • algorithmic drum machine
  • drone box
  • granulator
  • asynchronous looper
  • polyphasic sequencer

through scripts written in Lua, you can define the behavior of its on-board encoders, keys, and screen, as well as any connected devices. through a large number of pre-written libraries, norns offers a platform for charting new possibilities in music-making. it connects easily to grids, MIDI devices, USB-CV interfaces, networked OSC, and other objects.

  • Monome
  • 128 Grid
  • Silver + Black
  • 2021


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Monome Norns Clone + Grids 128 2021 – Silver + Black