Pioneer DJM-S11 2 Channel Serato DJ Mixer


The DJM-S11 is a professional 2-channel, 4-deck control battle mixer designed to enhance various elements from its predecessor, the DJM-S9. It introduces several brand-new features to provide greater flexibility when performing with Serato DJ Pro or rekordbox.

**Key Features:**

1. **Customizable Touch Screen:**
   – A 4.3-inch customizable touch screen provides essential information for your performance.
   – Browse tracks, check waveforms, and change music texture with TOUCH FX.
   – Touch MIDI allows direct control of DJ software functions without touching the laptop.
   – High-frame-rate color touch screen for improved visibility of waveforms and BPM.

2. **Deck 3/4 Control:**
   – Play up to 4 tracks or samples simultaneously with Deck 3/4 Control, accessible via the touch screen.
   – Control EQs, Hot Cues, pitch bend, and more on the additional decks.

3. **Serato DJ Pro Integration:**
   – Deck Move: Seamlessly move tracks from deck 1 to 4 and deck 2 to 3, freeing up main decks during mixing and scratching.
   – Dual Deck Control: Adjust volume and effects for two decks simultaneously.

4. **Touch FX:**
   – Control 2 effects simultaneously on the Touch FX screen while scratching with the crossfader or finger drumming on Performance Pads.

5. **Expanded Effects Section:**
   – 22 Beat FX, including new Fader Pitch and Helix.
   – Smooth Echo effect triggered by moving faders or hitting assigned pads.

6. **Improved Performance Pads:**
   – Larger 8 Performance Pads for better usability in energetic battles.
   – Combo Pad mode in Serato DJ Pro allows combining up to 4 different pad modes simultaneously.
   – Scratch Bank in Serato DJ Pro for instant access to assigned scratch samples.

7. **Enhanced MAGVEL FADER PRO:**
   – Improved MAGVEL FADER PRO with 30% increased vertical rigidity.
   – Tougher coating around the crossfader area to reduce wear and tear.

8. **Crystal-clear Sound Quality:**
   – Inherits high-density sound from the DJM-900NXS2 with 64-bit mixing and dithering processing inside the DSP.
   – Features a low-jitter clock circuit and 32-bit high-quality D/A converter in the master output section.

The DJM-S11 is designed to elevate your DJing experience with its advanced features, intuitive controls, and exceptional sound quality.

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Pioneer DJM-S11 2 Channel Serato DJ Mixer