RARE Pultec Stereo Filter HLF-23C (HLF-3C)


An incredibly-rare find—the elusive stereo Pultec HLF-23C. This is a stereo HLF-3C. It sounds amazing, is in excellent cosmetic condition, and perfect working order. Not pictured: It is strapped at 600 ohms with high quality Dale RN60 resistors and has pigtails installed using Grimm TPR cabling.

Cosmetically, it’s really clean, but has noticeable signs of wear. There is a bit of rippling around the rack ears, small little chips and dents on the faceplate, and a faded silkscreen in some parts. The pictures are accurate to how it looks so please take a look. Everything works perfectly, but the left channel “IN” switch strangely has different travel than the right side. “IN” is still up, but up is the middle of the left channel switch and top of the right switch. It’s odd, but has zero impact on the function or sound of the unit.

  • Pultec
  • Filter HLF-23C
Made In
  • United States


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RARE Pultec Stereo Filter HLF-23C (HLF-3C)