Royer R-122 MKII Active Ribbon Microphone


Royer R-122 MKII Active Ribbon Microphone – In 2002 Royer introduced the R-122, world’s first phantom powered, active ribbon microphone. It was a revolutionary development in mics, combining impedance matching circuitry with condenser-like output levels that allowed R-122 to be used on even quietest sound sources. also mic paired virtually any preamplifier.The MKll takes whole new level, delivering unprecedented flexibility for ribbons via addition of switchable -15 dB pad and bass-guitars-cut filter. The switches are completely out circuit when disengaged so both off, microphone is all purposes an original R-122. located back recessed prevent accidental activation.The PadThe MKll’ positioned before microphone’ electronics and, engaged, eliminates potential headroom-related distortion loudest Wide open electric guitars no problem. With in, actually 2 lower than Royer’s flagship R-121.The well-designed has sonic imprint. Once matched, reproduces exactly same as out.The bass-guitars CutWhen switched bass-guitars cut starts filtering at 100 Hz, 6 per octave, effectively reducing mic’ buildup due proximity effect. This smooth filter extremely useful vocals, many acoustic instruments, close-miked less bottom end desired.The hand-wired Burbank, CA factory. utilizes special Royer-designed toroidal transformer delivers faster transient response then traditional ribbons, making it call drum overheads, percussion instruments.Gain Conventional microphones need high-quality, high-gain preamplifiers record softer level much higher, allowing you use practically preamplifier or board pre’s sounds. contains fully balanced, hand-wired, discrete head amplifier system utilizing specially wound ultra-low noise FET’s. quiet brings MKll’s sensitivity 37 dB, while high SPL recording! Go ahead plug into preamp average gain – you’ll get full performance enough drive recording medium.There increase self-noise higher sensitivity. All additional comes from its large, wonderful thing called “free gain.” powered provides conve pro-audio, Microphones & Wireless Systems, Microphones, Ribbon Microphones
  • Royer
  • R-122 MkII
  • 2023


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Royer R-122 MKII Active Ribbon Microphone