Used Mesa Boogie Mark V 90w head w/footswitch


The Mesa Boogie Mark V 90-watt head is the living history of Mesa Boogie amps in one powerful package. With three distinct channels (from low gain to transition gain to classic high-gain) and three modes per channel, there’s more tone-sculpting power onboard this combo than most digital modelers provide. A five-band EQ on the face of the amp helps you dial it in even further. Other amps let you pare down the spectrum with a cleaver. The Mark V lets you get in there with a scalpel. Ideal for any player looking to have an extreme range of gain available and the ability to tame it with incredible precision. Pair it up with your favorite cabinet and blow the doors off of your next show.

  • Mesa Boogie
  • Mark V 3-Channel 90-Watt Guitar Amp Head
  • Tube


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Used Mesa Boogie Mark V 90w head w/footswitch