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This piano is ready to rock! Don’t gamble on a Wurlitzer with no obvious restoration that claims to be perfectly functioning. And don’t fool yourself; these keyboards absolutely need refurbished! Those that aren’t are full of headaches that can only be remedied by a full rebuild to ensure functionality for decades.

A(nother) restored 1967 Wurlitzer Electric Piano model 140B with all brand new modern amp components for the quietest operation, while preserving the original circuit design for that vintage sound. This particular amplifier is super quiet! (especially for a 140B). Sound/video clip to follow soon. The action is buttery and smooth (like the vibrato) but can quickly yield that bark and bite we all love.

The 140B is one of the most sought after Wurlitzers, alongside the 200 and 200A’s. This is the point where Wurlitzer finally got it right. The 140B shares the same great action and reeds as the 200 series. Many prefer the feel and sound of the 140B over the 200 series.

This piano has been overhauled electronically and mechanically. The amplifier has been completely overhauled with all new modern components, including a brand new PCB. Every resistor, capacitor, diode and transistor (including the output transistors) has been replaced with new (and tested) components to eliminate the chance of any component drift. A new PCB has been installed that allows simpler connections with Phoenix connectors. Reedbar shields have been added for reducing unwanted pickup noise (these reedbar shields were standard on the 200A series). The inside of the cabinet has been painted with a fresh coat of shielding paint, like the original. A new shielded high-quality reedbar pickup RCA cable has been installed. The On/Off switch has been relocated to the back of the keyboard adjacent to the power inlet for reducing noise even further. The 140B is also notorious for that buttery vibrato, which is still present and original. The Aux Out is located on the back of the keyboard in lieu of the Speaker Out. The pilot light has been replaced with an LED. The headphone jack is still located on the cheekblock, and also doubles as a speaker shutoff switch.

  • Wurlitzer
  • 140B 64-Key Electric Piano
  • Beige
  • 1964 – 1967
Made In
  • United States
Color Family
  • Tan


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Wurlitzer 140B Electric Piano